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Consulting Services

EDMS offers one time consultancy to organizations to setup their records room. coffee

Relocation Services

EDMS offers Relocation Services for Home & Corporate Firms.

Foreign Language Translation Services

We help organizations to convert documents of Foreign language to English Language, i.e. Legal Documents, Marketing Documents, Admin Documents,
HR Documents etc.

Following are the services for which the transions are made: coffee

1) German
2) Spanish
3) Russian
4) Japanese
5) Dutch
6) Italian
7) French
8) Arabic
9) Chinese
10) Urdu
11) Marathi
12) Hindi
13) Gujarati


Document Destruction Services

We will securely destroyed your documents thru shredding machines and provide you the certification of destruction.

Document Recycling Services

Save a tree today! We will help you do a part for the environment and send your documents for recycling