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Why Scanning or Digitising of Documents?

Most companies find it hard to search for their documents when most needed. Scanning of documents helps in the removal paper from the office, digitize it, and enable a more streamlined business process. With most Corporate Firms, Govt. Agencies, Financial Firms accepting scanned images (records), it becomes imperative to have all the critical and important documents to be scanned. Scanning of document is a one-time activity which reduces overall cost in data storage, space, manpower and valuable time. Document scanning has quickly become the most accepted solution for records management. It’s more affordable for businesses that are trying to keep pace with growing storage needs and have a huge backlog of documents piled up throughout their offices. Scanning of documents helps in the removal of paper from the office, reduces storage space, by digitizing it and enables for a more streamlined business process.

EDMS offers its expertise in scanning of documents and its storage. Documents can be scanned in B&W, Colour or Grey Scale as the need may be.

Advantages of Scanning

  • A paperless office

  • Switching over to a digital filing system, enables your organization to be cost effective, save valuable real estate and lower the expenses on office products, staff for the maintenance and retrieval of physical files

  • Commercial benefits

  • Switching over to a digital filing system will make your office more efficient, because you can share a document with your team while they are sitting at their desks. Your team can make changes to the document and return it to you quickly, instead of waiting for days to make changes to any document

  • A greener company

  • Switching over to a digital filing system helps in the reduction for printing of paper by paperless filing system and minimising the impact on the environment. The organization moves one step ahead towards achievement of Green Initiative and preservation of nature. coffee

  • Ease of Communication:

  • Switching over to a digital filing system, it eases the mode of communication by retrieving the scan images on one click, emailing the scan images and request physical retrieval on demand. Images of vital records and disaster recovery plans can be eased. Unlike paper the quality of digital images is excellent, i.e., they can be used for generations.

  • Ability to use very high-density storage media.
  • Shorter retrieval time than hard copy when the images are well indexed.
  • Multiple users and access levels are possible.
  • Ease of information broadcasting.
  • Ease of use of imaged copies of records in vital records and disaster recovery plans.
  • Organizations that need to retrieve information efficiently during detection and departments may find that using imaged records can assist in the effort.
  • Digital images don't lose quality from generation to generation. Well made copies and derivatives can be as good as the original images.

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    Onsite Scanning & Imaging Services

  • We understand that for some organisations, removing hard copies from the office can Compromise the safety measures or privacy of data.

  • To overcome this, EDMS Information Conversion Services can assist with scanning projects at your premises.

  • We provide state - of - the - art equipment to deliver the highest scanning quality along with staff to complete the scanning leaving your employees to focus on their core responsibilities.

  • Not only does this guarantee a high quality outcome with utmost professionalism and confidentiality, it eliminates the need to buy or maintain equipment, train staff in scanning and there’s no delay if the assigned staff member falls sick.

  • Scanning Process

    Once the client decides to appoint our services, we request the client to provide us the following:

    Step 1:
  • Provide purchase order OR Sign an NDA with EDMS to commence work.
  • Inform us the day of scanning.
  • Keeping the required infrastructure ready for scanning of documents
  • Our team will be available at your site for scanning with the scanner machine

  • Step 2:
  • Preparation of Documents: - Cleaning of the documents, removal of staples, glue of the pages, etc and making the document fit to be placed into scanner
  • Scanning of the documents: - Documents are scanned by batches and once scanned the documents are repacked accordingly into the files/folders
  • Indexing:- We will work with you to conclude the most efficient way to index your documents. We believe that every client’s needs are different and hence we will offer the most custom-built indexing
  • Quality Control:-We will do a test on several documents to determine if any enhancements are needed to produce the best quality image
  • Quality Control: - We will perform regular comprehensive checking throughout the entire scanning process to ensure high quality assurance.
  • Saving the Data Output: - The scanned documents will be saved in PDF/TIFF format. The data will be copied in external HDD or burnt into CD - ROMs or DVD – ROMs provided by the client.
  • Once the scan images data is handed over to the clients, the original documents are handed back to the clients for further assessment.