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 Easy Document Management Solutions Pvt Ltd
Ultimate Solution Provider

Our management objectives to maximize corporate value for the medium to long term association to achieve the mission of “Paperless Office”.

EDMS- Easy Document Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd as the name suggests is a start up company registered under the Company’s Act 2013 in June 2016 is the Document (Information) Management Solution Provider in Mumbai and has an expansion plan in Pune and other metro cities in India.

EDMS offers services to Local, National and International Companies ranging from small and medium size that extend a broad range of sectors such as Banking and Financial Services, Pharma and Healthcare, Engineering, Legal, Government, Public Sector Units, Information Technology and Media, Energy, Oil and Gas.

EDMS continues to develop secure, innovative and customized solutions in document (information) and data storage management for different industries. These solutions cover the full information life cycle and range as mentioned below :