About us

About EDMS

EDMS is amongst the very few companies who are involved in making the latest technologies work for the betterment of their customers. EDMS has a much diversified portfolio of services and solutions which can help the clients gain competitive advantage and become more productive.

Our management objectives to maximize corporate value for the medium to long term association to achieve the mission of “Paperless Office”.

With the endorsement of Digital India Programme by the Government of India with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. We would like to have the opportunity to be one of the leading companies to offer value added services to your organization. Digital India initiative involves digitization of data and records on a large scale in the country to make easy and quick access to them possible.

One of the most rapidly changing environments is the technology environment. Any company who has the skill set to work with the latest technology can serve their Clients the best. EDMS aims to bring in innovation with the help of technology to + one of our key to success is our constant innovation in the technology arena by which we will be able to deliver comprehensive solutions to solve the needs of a business.

EDMS has been established with the vision of bringing Solutions in the field of digitalization to meet the strategic goals of a company and to provide intelligence to the businesses to make better decisions, using the best of Standards.

We certainly will be pleased to learn your requirements and our consultation on your service needs. As recommended, we intend to provide you with the best of on our shelf to understand better standings, in seeing that you get the full benefit of proper service solutions. We are fully confident of our ability to respond to your service demands.

Founders & Promoters:

EDMS is formed by Sonali Ranshinge and Amol Ranshinge. These two enterprising husband and wife have come together to form EDMS With an ambition of having their own business and creating their own brand name to provide end to end solution for data management. The company offers its services for all diverse sections of the industry. The Founders have decided their area of action as Mrs. Sonali Ranshinge has rich experience in the field of IT Hardware & Networking Administration (CCNA) and Software industry and Mr. Amol Ranshinge has rich experience of in the Records Management Industry. He has work experience in Operations, Scanning, Back Office and Sales. He takes care of the entire Sales and Marketing.